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CTU Apprentice

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Inspired by the hit television show “The Apprentice,” CTU Apprentice is a role-playing game that puts ten aspiring CTU agents to the test by the so-not-dead Ryan Chappelle (Teh Chappelle) in a competition to win the seat of the new director of CTU:LA. Detailed rules will be posted soon on the community journal. CTU Apprentice is in no way affiliated with "24," Fox, Real Time Productions, or the characters’ respective actors. No money is being made off of this game, and the characters and concepts are being used without the creators’ consent.


Ryan Chappelle, the boss: (teh_chappelle)
George Mason: (george_mason)
Jack Bauer: (lit_geek)
Kim Bauer: (queenoftrouble)
Nina Myers: (free)
Tony Almeida: (mr_almeida)
Michelle Dessler: (i_cant_cook)
Chase Edmunds: (loyal_sidekick)
Chloe O’Brien: (_ctunerdling_)
Adam Kaufman: (datawrangler)
Hugo Serrano: (original character, hugoserrano)
David Palmer: (free)
Sherry Palmer: (free)
Andrew Paige: (free)
Kate Warmer: (free)

Applications will be taken at 24@revolutionaryuplift.com. Applications are as follows:

LJ username:
Y!M or AIM screenname:
Desired Character:
Writing sample:
(must be an in-character journal entry written in the past tense.)

Please check back for a list of rules! Thanks, and BTW...

no, not really