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CTU Apprentice

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11/1/04 09:50 pm - mr_almeida - Announcement to Players

We're having a dry spells in applications. As in, there are almost none, and we need more players to start the game. So if any of the existing players wish to play a character who hasn't been taken they are free to do so.

Let's get this party started!

10/12/04 09:44 pm - mr_almeida - Them's the Rules...

Welcome to "CTU Apprentice," the RPG that asks, "Who will be the next director of CTU:LA"? The following is a detailed set of rules. If you have any questions, please pose them as a response to this post.

Assignments, Groups, and Group LeadersCollapse )

Characters and PlotlinesCollapse )

Journal EntriesCollapse )

Boardroom and ChatCollapse )

You're FiredCollapse )

* Also, as a response to this post, participating players are required to post the times and dates when they are avaliable to chat.
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