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OOC: RPG Change

We've decided to leave ctu_apprentice behind for a few reasons. The first being some (like me) were very confused about how the game would work. Secondly, and more importantly, the game would have required weekly chats between all members and that was proving difficult to manage.

So, we decided that an independent RPG would be the best idea.

Well, hopefully you'll all move over to teh_plink_plink. As I said, the RPG will be a bit more free form but we've decided to try out "writing assignments." Similar to what they do at theatrical_muse but more geared towards our specific universe. There will be two writing assignments a month and you must do one each month. The first two will be mandatory. For the first two assignments we ask that you try for at least one hundred words. Beyond that - whatever works best for you.

More on the first assignment later.

If there are any questions, comments or concerns feel free to ask.
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