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Update since 01/02/05


Tony Almeida and his parents were involved in a car accident. His parents are dead and he's hospitalized.


I don't regret arguing my position. I felt I was right and I said so.

I will be taking over as Director of CTU

First, a fight with Tony, then a fight with ( Michelle. )


Unless Adam starts acting like Stalin again. Dork.

So, I guess LJ had issues with their power...

Which 24 Guy Do You Like?


We can hate Tony all we want but...I think I should get back to work.

I have better things to do with my life, like taking care of my new Prius.


Woo. Okay.

I get the feeling I've missed a lot...


I can't even imagine how Michelle is feeling right now.


But she could hold his left hand and remind herself that his heart was still beating.

...please let him know that I'm on my way and I love him so much...

Tony: Michelle, it's none of your business, all right?

It's not that I've ever tortured someone personally...


“What about mom and dad?”

This is Alex, Tony's brother.

It was relaxing, but thinking about this...there's too much hanging between pa and me for him to leave without this coming out.

haven't seen Dad in a while, not since Michelle and I got married.

Ma's up there. I can stay with her, maybe even hear Maria sing at church for the first time in years.
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