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This is from the last update to now.


I once complained to Vicky that LA is "too sunny," which it is. Sunny and garish. There's also the fact that there's nowhere you can go to smoke and they put tofu in everything.


</strike>Even though, really, I deserve the apology, the Tony and Nina
nightmares stemming from my intern days have only just recently stopped.</strike>

The English language has to be the oddest language ever invented. And it keeps getting weirder, I mean, really, do the teenagers of today need to shorten every word? "Fo'?"


My sister Sarah's gone movie crazy. All she wants to do is see movies. If I haven't been inside of CTU this week, I've been inside a movie theater.


Which means I'll be at work on Saturday while everyone else is away. I'm looking foward to it. Really, really looking foward to it.

I hate it when it's slow. Everyone acts stupid when it's slow. Can I have something to work on now?

Everyone hates me. Life is beautiful. I'm so glad everyone missed me while I was gone.


It's only when someone sets the office microwave on fire and you watch it burn for the few seconds it's actually in flames that you realize you're starting to hate your life.


I think around 10 I'll go over to CTU armed with a bottle of champagne and glasses. I don't want him to spend the holiday alone, either.

Did I want to be this busy? I can't believe I was complaining about the slowness a week or two ago.

You're right, Tony, that soulpatch wasn't the most attractive look ever.

Would I have ever met Tony if Nina hadn't turned out to be a double agent? Would I be his wife now?

Tony came back last night. I really missed him. It was very...nice *smiles*.


Kim managed to find the one station that was playing it before Thanksgiving. I was then treated to her off-key rendition of "Frosty, the Snowman."


Happy New Year!

Too many people this year have said my taste in music is horrible. Got any suggestions?

I probably won't have New Year's off. This won't be the first New Year's I've slept through.

Michelle and I wish you a very Merry Christmas!

Anyway, I'm going to keep entries about my personal life private. Maybe then I won't get so many smart ass comments about my sex life.

I'm Antonio's mama. I hacked into his LiveJournal account. He doesn't think I know anything about computers but I know a trick or two.

It's been a long time since I've had real, good homemade cooking.

Everyone's being very quiet. What's up? It's not as if we're that busy at work.

I can't get to sleep. Mom is coming tomorrow.

This post was real boring, wasn't it?

Any excuse to spend time with my nephew without having to worry about Dana and Alex bothering me about when I'm gonna have children is a good excuse. :)

Mom wants to come over for Christmas. Can she?

Man, it feels good to be back home in time to watch something decent for a change.

I HAVE no life right now outside of work. But did I ever really have a life or was that all an illusion?


Ah, well. I was almost Han Solo.

What woman would date a guy with something like that on their chin? And I thought I looked cool, too.

And he said it tasted horrible. Guess we Almeidas got a thing for women who can't cook, eh?

Mexican food? On Thanksgiving? With no turkey? What are they smoking? Some clowns assumed I'd like the food. My family is not Mexican. I am not Mexican.


I think I have a new boyfriend. I'm really excited about it - about our relationship. The only problem is that dad would never approve of him

Mexican food is good.


So I suck at this, I need to update more, but it seems like I'm loaded with work nowdays.

I don't feel so 'out of place' in CTU anymore, even if it's been just over a month since I got this job. Everyone is pretty cool and very fascinating in their own way.
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