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ctu_apprentice this week...

Ryan Chappelle teh_chappelle

I don't dislike my relatives, although I sometimes want to strangle my brother, I just don't like spending time with them.

George Mason george_mason

I now have more functions I can half-assedly attempt to use.

Tony Almeida mr_almeida

Michelle and I are just relaxing on the couch. I love moments like this. Wish we had more of them.

Jack Bauer lit_geek

Sweetie, are we doing anything for Thanksgiving?

I've killed a lot of people in my life and on quiet nights like these that's something I have a hard time reconciling. These people, most were men like me...

Michelle Dessler i_cant_cook

It's almost 7 which means that it's very close to being Monday again. Hopefully this week will not be as painful as last week.

The one person I'd really like to spend this holiday with, my husband, is away for the week.

He said the conference is duller than I could possibly imagine. However, he also said that because he's missing this holiday District said that could have off Christmas.

Adam Kaufman data_wrangler

I thinking, before I go, maybe I can make myself a new layout. With Destiny's Child. They're hot.

Chase Edmunds loyal_sidekick

And I have a date with a really hot girl...!

Chloe O'Brien _ctunerdling_

I now have to go without Häagen-Dazs® for a month, but that's not a big deal, I'm trying to cut down on foods that have no nutrional value anyway.

Kim Bauer queenoftrouble

Well, one amazing thing did happen this weekend - a certain someone *finally* asked me out! I was beginning to think it was a complete lost cause.

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving and thank you for the paid account, Chloe.

I got out of shopping with my Aunts tomorrow. I told them that I had a previous engagement - okay I told them the truth and they made up a lie to tell dad because they know how difficult it is to find a nice guy in today's world.
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